Hey there, Kitchen Craft Admirer!

I’m Chulu, an epicure at heart and food fanatic since conception.

I’m currently a Food Technology student at Africa’s largest university of Technology, with experience as a student chef in a 4.5 star hotel.

I have had the honour of cooking and baking South African cuisine and global favourites for both tourists and locals.

Saying I’ve been passionate about food from a young age is an understatement – I’ve been obsessed about learning and getting hands on with food for as long as I can remember.

Aside from this blog, I’m also a video content creator with the goal of sharing my epicurean knowledge, and creativity with food-fanatics all around the world.

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Why KCC Exists


I’m not your typical aspiring food technologist, or a skilled part-time professional cookery student. I’m on a mission to:

>Answer food related queries from audiences who are just as curious or passionate about food as I am.

> Share my knowledge and grow.

>Meaningfully connect both top and growing food & beverage brands to their Ideal Target Audiences.

>Keep Foodies entertained and informed with high-value content that seduces and peaks interest at first glance.

>Convert your brand’s prospects to obsessed repeat buyers!

>Use and sharpen my skills in ways that actually matter.


assistant chef

I've had the privilege of cooking and baking South African cuisine and global favorites for a diverse clientele, including Swiss and German tourists, as well as local patrons. My role extended to catering for various events, from conferences to church gatherings and student functions, withing the hotel I worked.

food blogger

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With 3 blog posts currently featured on internationally loved food blog, sweetpeaskitchen.com, I'm ready to tantalise the taste buds of more viewers worldwide. My featured work includes 'Ooey Gooey Mac n Cheese,' 'Crockpot Beef Stroganoff,' and 'Crockpot Italian Beef Po’ Boys {Beef Sandwiches}.


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Having been a content creator and social media manager for Yabaxhosa Foods and @chulicooks_sa, I led the development and delivery of captivating digital content and the execution of strategic social media strategies. By crafting engaging narratives, visuals, and videos, I cultivated a vibrant online community, driving brand visibility and engagement within foodies.

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